Warehouses and Self Storage in Katowice - individual customer


For individual customers, our stores self storage is the perfect solution for:

Lack of space in the apartment
You don’t have enough space to keep things in your apartment?
That’s not a problem. From today you have at your disposal a private storage space just for you and tailored to your needs, whether you are going to store clothes, shoes, books or anything else for which there is no place in your home.

We safely store all essential items during your move.

Make renovation of an apartment or home without having to worry about your stuff. Leave it with us and without stress begin repairs.

Changes in the workplace
Expected or unexpected job change?
The contract of employment outside the place of residence?
Traveled on business abroad?
It’s not a problem. All things you need, you can store here.

Sports Equipment / Hobby
With us you store without any problems skis, bikes, fishing equipment, hobby collections and many other things that cannot find space in you apartment or house.




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