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We are the family company, which has operated on the market for thirty years. We started from growing and trading flowers and then we have gradually expanded the area of our activities. We wanted to supply our customers` florists so we needed the space for our developing wholesale. That is why we created a magnificent neoindustrial building in Katowice. This unique architecture fitted perfectly into the landscape of historic Silesian tenement houses. Local and foreign entrepreneurs immediately recognised the potential in this investment and asked about the possibility of renting offices and warehouses. We decided to follow the blow and react to their needs. We built the twin- building in 2015. This is Róża Rent- available either for individual customers or business ones.

In 2015- 2019 we have expanded the building several times to meet our growing interest. We have many preigious companies with us including Toyota, LR and Laerdal. Currently, in a part of our warehouse with an area of about 1500 m2 there are 334 modern selfstorages in five different sizes. We also rent office space- 18 room finished to a high standard. Each office has air conditioning, ventilation, kitchenette and sanitary facility. The great advantage of Róża Rent is the location. We wanted to minimize the risk of getting stuck in traffic jams. It was thanks to the location in the service and industrial district in Katowice, only 2 kilometers from Murckowska Street and at the junction of A1, A4 and DTŚ. We are proud of veryt convinient access from every part of Katowice and other Silesian cities. We also offer spacious parking places for cars and even lorries. ,

Because we also need lot of area for our commodity, we know what our customers need. The closest for us is the idea of self storages which is very popular in the USA. We introduced the first self storages in Silesia maintaining the highest quality standards. As Róża Rent we offer neat and affordable space for rent. At the same time, for more than a quarter of a century, we have been specializing in the cultivation of cut roses all year round. Every year we bring in new attractive varieties to the offer, we develop and try to set new trends. Since the construction of the Katowice object , a flower warehouse „Róża” and a unique restaurant „Smak Róży” have been operating there. Because we want our brand to reflect other aspects of our business- the name, the logo and the colour are connected with our beloved flowers. .We take care about our customers in the same way as flowers. That is why they repay us with trust and loyalty.

So if you need a self-storage or an office, you should contact with us!



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